Around The Health of Body and Soul

Around The Health of Body and Soul – We’ll give you a bit of info about body and soul health. There are several sources that we have collected as a reference to make and spell the body and soul healthy. Some of these sources have good intentions such as how to care for, maintain, and […]

Recurrent Cervical Cancer

Recurrent Cervical Cancer – Cervical cancer is diagnosed in 6% of all cancer cases that afflict women in the US every year. It accounts for almost 16,000 yearly cases of invasive carcinoma of the cervix, not to mention that there are 500,000 new cases of pre-invasive cancers detected every year. These are also known as […]

Cervical Cancer Ultrasound

Cervical Cancer Ultrasound – Cervical cancer is a very widespread but easy to prevent form of cancer found in women. As with all cancers and early diagnosis can be vital. In recent year the death rate associated with this cancer has plummeted. This is mainly due to the increased awareness on the significance of regular […]